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Matt Bennett / Filmmaker / Author 

Matthew Bennett, (previously Matthew Harris) Author, Illustrator, and Founder of FairTelevision. After attending college for three semesters of film class, he edits and collaborates, both videos, youtube and youtuber game videos. He is an online affiliate reseller of business software. Some of Matt's work includes the book, Ant's On Halloween, The WildLife Jungle Zone, available in 4 formats, and 2 languages, the video: How to draw, and numerous other videos, blogs, and vlogs online.

Matthew has special training, and talents, and develops his projects on his own. Matthew has a website where he has links to his Amazon sales and he has related themed merchandise for sale on his website. He has two books in the works, and he practices gaming videos, and live streaming while doing market research and cross promotion. 

Tracy Elman / Mentor / Author 

Tracy Elman is an Author, Storyteller, Narrator, Public Speaker and Coach. 
She has over 6 #1 Amazon International Best Sellers in over four countries each and in more than ten categories. Awarded the Excellence eLit Bronze Medal for best children’s book of 2015 “Santa’s Snowy Adventure” ages 7 & under, and audiobook “Robby’s Quest for Seed,” was recognized and received an award. Tracy has received three Medals and three EIPPY Awards. A Judge for the SAG-AFTRA Awards three years in a row, and returning for a fourth. She has 21 published books on Amazon. Tracy’s akin to children and adults with special needs.

Tracy takes you on a captivating journey while keeping you riveted with every word she speaks. 

Born acting, singing and writing as a child, schooling with well-known celebs. She is currently active in radio, television, and film. Tracy is gifted with a voice that is Iconic, Unique, Versatile & Compelling. Tracy's voice is telling the story, making words come ALIVE! 

Tracy is an engaging, vibrant storyteller, knowledgeable and versatile in many areas. 
Tracy voiced over 65 recorded characters. Appearances include commercial, VO & ADR, magazines, newspapers and radio interviews internationally. 

Tracy's books are available in most formats on Amazon, iTunes, Audible and other bookstores.